"I am 3/4ths Canadian, and one 4th New Englander - I had ancestors on both sides in the Revolutionary war." - Elizabeth Bishop

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Elizabeth Bishop’s Questions of Travel: Fifty Years After - Day 3

[For the convenience of participants (and to excite the envy of the rest of our readership) we provide the schedule of today's activities at the EB conference, currently underway in Sheffield]

Saturday 27th June

Coffee (8.30-9am)

Panel 8 (9-10am)

8 Elizabeth Bishop and Robert Lowell
Dining Room

Chair: Thomas Travisano (Hartwick College, USA)
Melissa Zeiger (Dartmouth College, USA) “The Riverman,” Stranded Mermaids and Cold Water: Elizabeth Bishop Takes a Swim
Ruth Hawthorn (Independent Scholar) Revisiting “North Haven”

Panel 9 (10-11.20am) 

9A Correspondences: Bishop’s Letters and Prose 
Dining Room

Chair: Jonathan Ellis (University of Sheffield, UK)
Sophie Baldock (University of Sheffield, UK) Word Travels: Journeys from Letters to Poems in Questions of Travel (1965)
Siobhan Phillips (Dickinson College, USA) Bishop and the Politics of the Personal (Letter)
Michael O’Neill (Durham University) “Thinking with One’s Feelings”: Elizabeth Bishop’s Literary Criticism

9B Bishop and Animals (2)
Ennis Room

Chair: James McCorkle (Hobart and William Smith Colleges, USA)
Katherine Ebury (University of Sheffield, UK) “Almost criminal”: Nature Before the Law in Elizabeth Bishop’s Poetry
Lhorine François (University of Bordeaux Montaigne, France) Retrieving elusive otherness through Elizabeth Bishop's animal poems
Sarah Kennedy (Downing College, Cambridge University) “Swerving as I swerve”: Empathy and Displacement in Elizabeth Bishop’s “Rainy Season; Sub-Tropics”

Coffee (11.20-12)

Plenary Lecture (12-1pm)

Deryn Rees-Jones (Liverpool University, UK) Bishop's Nagging Thoughts
Dining Room

Lunch (1-2pm) Sharman Room

Panels 10A and 10B (2-3.20pm)

10A Ekphrasis and the Visual Arts
Dining Room

Chair: Linda Anderson (Newcastle University, UK)
Bridget Vincent (University of Melbourne, Australia) Picturing shame: Elizabeth Bishop’s ekphrastic doubt
Susan Rosenbaum (University of Georgia, USA) The Case of the Fallen S: Vertigo, the Avant-Garde, and Bishop’s Questions of Travel
Lin Su (Essex University, UK) Becoming a Gourmet Cook: Elizabeth Bishop, Leonora Carrington and the Act of Cooking

10B Disruptive Journeys: Place, Space, and Translation
Ennis Room

Chair: JT Welsch (York St John University, UK)
Chris Wilson Simpkins (University of South Africa, SA) Inside/Outside: Bishop's Use of Place Against Capitalism
Maria Gens (University of Porto, Portugal) Bishop’s Brazil: A story of love and discontent
Mariana Machova (University of South Bohemia, Czech Republic) Travelling in Translation

Coffee (3.20-3.40pm)

Panels 11A and 11B (3:40-5pm)

11A Architecture and Space
Dining Room

Chair: Melissa Zeiger (Dartmouth College, USA)
Jo Gill (Exeter University, UK) ‘An immense city, carefully revealed, / made delicate by over-workmanship’: Elizabeth Bishop’s Architectural Poetics
James McCorkle (Hobart and William Smith Colleges) Elizabeth Bishop’s Islandologies
Fiona Shaw (Northumbria University, UK) Elizabeth Bishop and the Writer’s House

11B Questions (and Answers) of Travel
Ennis Room

Chair: Angelica Nuzzo (City University of New York, USA)
Claes Lindskog (Lund University, Sweden) The Painter’s Eye and the Colonial Gaze: Ontological Boundaries in the Brazil and Nova Scotia Poems of Elizabeth Bishop
Lloyd Schwartz (University of Massachusetts, USA) Answers to Travel: Elizabeth Bishop’s Poetry of Retrospect
Ben Leubner (Montana State University, USA) Innocents Abroad? Elizabeth Bishop and James Merrill Overseas

Closing Remarks (5-5.15pm)
Dining Room

Conference dinner at Wig and Pen, Campo Lane, S1 2EG (7.30pm start)

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