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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Brazilian Bishop scholar visits Nova Scotia

In the tradition of  “The Newsy Notes of Great Village” (which appeared regularly in the Truro Daily News) I offer a brief account of a visitor to Nova Scotia:

Recently, I had the great delight to meet with Tiago Barbosa da Silva, a Brazilian Bishop scholar who visited Nova Scotia this month. Tiago is working on a PhD dissertation at Universidade Federal Du Pernambuco.(https://www.ufpe.br/ ). He has been at the University of Ottawa working with Dr. David Jarraway. He and his partner Jalinson Jonas spent a couple of weeks in the province and we arranged to meet at Acadia University Archives, Wolfville, N.S., so I could introduce him to the material in the Bulmer-Bowers-Hutchinson-Sutherland Family fonds. We had a wonderful day talking about all things EB. What a true pleasure and privilege it was to share time and Bishop enthusiasm with Tiago. They spent time in Halifax, taking in the big Nocturne 2017 festival. They travelled to Cape Breton and then, of course, as they headed back to Ottawa, they stopped in Great Village, where EBSNS President Patti Sharpe and EBSNS board member Laurie Gunn met them and gave them a tour of the EB House.
(Tiago Silva, Patti Sharpe and Jalison Jonas at the EB House, October 2017.)

Tiago tells me that he will defend his dissertation in March 2018. We all hope that they will come back to Nova Scotia again!

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