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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Elizabeth Bishop House -- Restoration Efforts

Great Village is starting to repair and restore the damage caused by last Monday's flood, something I have taken to calling the Equinoctial Flood of 2014, invoking Elizabeth Bishop's "equinoctial tears" in "Sestina." There are still a number of signs that something rather dramatic happened, but slowly those properties affected are being tended to. I have been to Great Village a couple of times, including this past weekend, to assess the damage around the Elizabeth Bishop House and to make arrangements for repairs and restoration. As I mentioned in the previous post, the main part of the house is fine, but the front porch needs to be re-secured and the steps rebuilt. Our excellent carpenter, painter, all around handyman Deverne Rushton will be doing this job. The enormous hole at the end of the driveway, seen below, was filled in by the Department of Transportation this past Friday, but there still remains several large holes in the driveway and around the foundation of the house. And there is that large quantity of gravel that was deposited.
Our excellent landscape contractor, Cory Spencer, who has been keeping the lawn looking so lovely all summer, will be restoring the rest of the driveway/foundation and dealing with the gravel.
It appears that our insurance will not cover cleaning up the yard, which while not an enormous task is still quite significant. The owners of the house will be launching a little appeal for help with the yard restoration, in the manner of a crowd-funding campaign, which operates on a give a little, help a lot premise. I'll be posting something about this in the coming days.
Again, we are so grateful to the folks of Great Village for their help. The photos in the previous post were taken by Patti Sharpe the day of the flood. These photos were taken by her, as well, the next day, when the sun had come and and summer had returned. I want to thank her again, for her support through this rather dramatic time. More updates will come. Stay tuned.

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