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Monday, November 3, 2014

Elizabeth Bishop House Yard Restoration – Update about progress and a heartfelt thank you

It is hard to believe November has now set in, and with it colder weather and the inevitable snow, which is getting closer. This post is by way of an update about the work happening at the EB House.

I am delighted to report that the EB House has a new front step, thanks to our faithful and excellent carpenter Deverne Rushton. It is great to have the front porch fully restored, indeed, even improved thanks to Deverne’s expertise and effort. Thanks to Deverne for supplying this photo of the new steps.
I discovered during a recent visit to the house that the well pump, which seemed to have been unaffected by the flood water in the basement, has in fact been affected and will need to be replaced. As the saying goes, if it isn’t one thing, it's another. This work will be done this week by local plumber Jim Hudson. We are grateful to have such a good person to do the job. It is one sure fact about Great Village, there is always someone good who can do whatever job is needing done, and do it well.

The front lawn is still not back to its pre-flood state, but it is clear that the new bridge will have an affect on the trajectory of the road (Highway 2), which runs right in front of the house. I have been told there will be road work taking place, so we have decided to hold off doing final work on the front lawn (adding fill and re-seeding it) until the spring. I have heard that the powers that be expect the new bridge to be completed in December (the flood having set back that work by a couple of weeks). So, we shall know then what we will have to work with when we complete the yard restoration next year.

Upon my request, Patti Sharpe kindly took photographs of the new bridge from the head of the driveway of the EB House, just so that you can get an idea what I am talking about, get an idea of the change that will happen – though most of us are still not sure just how things will work.
We took the house off the market for a month while we did the restoration work, but the listing was re-activated on 30 October 2014. You can see more at:

To date, the cost of the restoration at the EB House has reached $3,179.00. Our Yard Restoration Appeal was heeded by some of our friends and supporters and to date we have received about $1,811.00 towards this restoration. We want to extend heartfelt thanks and deep gratitude to the people who contributed to the Elizabeth Bishop House Yard Restoration effort (in money and effort). Your support is greatly appreciated and has been a huge help. Muito obrigada to:
Janet Barkhouse
Binnie Brennan
Rosaria Campbell/Darlene MacIvor
Helen/Larry Cannon
Angela Conway
Eleanor Cook
Gwen Davies
Peter Dodge
Linda Rae Dornan
Denise Duhamel
Jane Finlay Young/Jim Williams
Emma FitzGerald
Ilze Folkins
Celeste Goodridge
Shauntay Grant
Kenneth Gross
Laurie Gunn
Elizabeth Jones
Susan Kerslake
Carol Laing
 Truman/Vivian Layton
Sandra MacLachlan/Barb Bell
Jill MacLean
Megan Marshall
Janet Maybee
Thomas/Leslie Moore
Janet O’Brien
Michelle Orange
Maria Clara Paro
Mary Lou Payzant
John Scott
Wendy Scott
Patti Sharpe
Susan Tooke/Richard Rudnicki
Michiru Tsubura
Janet Parker Vaughan
Christl Verduyn
Rita Wilson
Joan/Peter Wood
Donez Xiques/Judith Stark

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