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Friday, December 5, 2014

Yet another update about the EB House

I visited Great Village the other day to check on the progress of the road/bridge work and its impact on the Elizabeth Bishop House front yard. As you will see from the photos below (taken by yours truly this time -- so not as good as Patti's and Brenda's photos), the site is still somewhat deconstructed, though progress is visible. You can tell from the photo of the front yard that the Department of Transportation has intruded on the small front lawn that was always there, to widen the shoulder of the new section of road. I was a bit disheartened by the mess, but since the work is not yet completed, we must wait to see the final impact. It is clear that we will need to do some landscaping of both sides of the driveway, but this work will not happen until the spring. The front lawn also still has gravel deposits from the flood, so it is not looking its best. We will remedy that next spring. The bridge itself is paved and some sort of elaborate railing is being installed. What a change it will be when the old bridge comes down -- but, I suppose soon everyone will be used to this modern addition to the village.
I was heartened to see the lovely big Christmas tree in front of the church, put up by the Great Village Garden Club. It is a cheering sight on these dark nights of late fall.
Yesterday morning (Thursday, 4 December 2014), after another day of heavy rain, the sky was clear and the sunrise was beautiful. This view looks out over the back pasture towards the river.
Stay tuned for another update about Lifting Yesterday: Elizabeth Bishop and Nova Scotia, coming sometime next week. As well, the Elizabeth Bishop Society of Nova Scotia will be holding "The Elizabeth Bishop Festival" -- a one-day artistic extravaganza in Great Village on 8 August 2015 -- mark that day and stay tuned for announcements of the artists who will be there and the activities that will happen. Exciting!

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