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Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Art of Storytelling: Claire Miller at The Elizabeth Bishop Festival

As Nova Scotia (indeed, all of the Maritimes) groans under a great weight of snow, ice and a relentless winter, it is nice to think about summer and the activities of summer, including The Elizabeth Bishop Festival, which will take place on 8 August 2015 in Great Village, N.S. As I have begun to do, this post profiles another of the many artists and artisans who will participate in the festival.

Part of the citation for the Honorary Doctor of Letters bestowed on Halifax storyteller Claire Miller, by Saint Mary’s University in January 2015, reads: “Ms Miller is an accomplished Canadian storyteller who has been a true pioneer in presenting oral storytelling as an art form for 25 years.” It continues, “She has told her stories to over 100,000 school aged children” — that’s a lot of children, that’s a lot of stories!
The Elizabeth Bishop Society of Nova Scotia is delighted to have Claire Miller as a featured artist at The Elizabeth Bishop Festival on 8 August 2015. As the degree citation observes, “Through the power of her stories, [Claire] stimulates the imaginations of children by telling them about their own region and cultures around the world.”

Elizabeth Bishop was a fine storyteller herself and she heard many stories growing up in Great Village, many of which found their way into her art. Having Claire participate in the festival brings this vital oral art form, so important to Bishop, back to the village. To learn more about Claire’s career, click this link: http://www.smu.ca/about/news/2015/claire-miller.html

Claire has been a member of the Elizabeth Bishop Society of Nova Scotia for many years and was directly involved in EB100 activities in 2011. She did a reading of Bishop’s story “In the Village,” recorded by Carl Anderson, which the EBSNS posted on its website. We now have it uploaded to SoundCloud and it can be linked to at this address:

When Claire lets us know her program she will present (a program for all ages), we will share her description. Her storytelling session will take place in St. James Church during the morning of the festival. Whatever stories Claire chooses to tell, you can be guaranteed that she will stimulate your imagination! For now, we just want to let you know of this wonderful opportunity to hear one of Nova Scotia’s most beloved storytellers — and to remind you about the festival, which we’ll keep on doing until 8 August!

We have also added an EB Festival page to the blog, a place where we'll collect all these posts and add other information.

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