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Friday, September 8, 2017

Paul Dodgson’s new memoir

In 2007 BBC Radio producer Paul Dodgson and writer Lavinia Greenlaw spent a week at the EB House recording a documentary about Bishop’s Great Village, “As Big as Life,” which was broadcast later that year. Paul returned to Nova Scotia a couple more times for retreats at the house and has kept in touch, as have many EB House alumni. Recently, he told me about a new project and I am excited to pass on word about it. Paul is working on a new memoir: On The Road Not Taken, which he describes as his love story about the transformational power of music. Paul is crowd-funding on the publishing website Unbound. Check out the wonderful video that explains his project, and you can become part of the story by subscribing: https://unbound.com/books/on-the-road-not-taken. Good luck Paul! 

(Paul Dodgson and me at Field House, Spencer's Point,
near Great Village, September 2007. Photo by Lavinia Greenlaw.)

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