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Sunday, August 8, 2021

George Hutchinson painting: Sproughton Mill, Suffolk, England

I have been corresponding with Matthew Hutchinson, the great-grandson of George W. Hutchinson (Elizabeth Bishop’s great-uncle) for some years. Recently, Matthew sent me an image of a George Hutchinson painting I had never seen before.

(Painting by G. Wylie Hutchinson,

Sproughton Mill, Suffolk, England.)

Matthew writes of this image, “My sister Katherine moved to Suffolk a couple of years ago and on one of my visits there we had a look at Sproughton Mill depicted in one of George W.H.’s sketches. As you can see the mill looks much the same but the surrounding trees have grown considerably making it impossible to find the spot that he made the sketch – and with a view of the mill. The old wooden bridge appears long gone.”

(Sproughton Mill, Suffolk, England.

Photo by Matthew Hutchinson.)

When I looked online, I found many images of this picturesque spot, both contemporary and archival, including this lovely postcard image below, showing the wooden bridge still intact.

You can learn more about this building and site by clicking here.

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