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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Glimpse of Dindy Vaughan’s Australian Fund-raiser for the Elizabeth Bishop Legacy Recording

On 28 October 2012, Australian composer, environmentalis and educator Dindy Vaughan (http://gallerywithoutwalls.com.au/artist/Dindy_Vaughan.html) held a fund-raiser for the Elizabeth Bishop Legacy Recording at her home. Her report was that the afternoon was enjoyed by all. Two of her students performed, as well as several professional musicians – and then everyone enjoyed food, wind and conversation. This event raised over $900 for the cd!

I asked Dindy to send me photographs of the event, and just today they arrived, and I want to share some with our readers – and it gives the EB Legacy Recording team another chance to say THANK YOU to Dindy and her friends, on the other side of the world, for supporting this project. We’ll have more updates about the EB Legacy cd in the weeks to come. Alas, except for Dindy herself, I do not know the names of the people in these photos, which I have chosen to convey the energy of what was, clearly, a lively afternoon. Thank you so much, Dindy!

 Dindy Vaughan herself.

Music in support of music. Violinist Ben Van Poppel.

Song in support of song. Soprano Jordie (Jordina) Howell.

Food, wine and conversation in the garden.
From left to right: Indigenous pianist Cass Richards, talking with
former school teacher Jim Lamb, and artists Mariette Perrinjaquet
and Graham Willoughby.

[Ed. Note. Thanks to Dindy for giving me the names of the artists in these photographs. Dindy tells me that those who attended this fund-raiser are now talking about having a follow-up day when the Elizabeth Bishop Legacy cd is released so that they can hear the music. The will be joined by a poetry-reading group who had, coincidentally, just discovered Bishop's poetry a few weeks before Dindy's fund-raiser. What a lovely story about the spread of Bishop's work "down under"!]

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  1. I am deeply grateful to Dindy and to all her friends who participated in the EB fundraising in Australia! I wish I had been there to hear your music-making. I also want to say that the Blue Engine String Quartet and I performed one of Dindy's pieces at the closing concert of EB100 in Great Village in 2011 : "Sea shells on Bruny", a lovely piece for string quartet and soprano. I hope we can record this piece in the future as well and I hope to have a chance to visit all of you in Australia in the near future! Many thanks, Suzie