"I am 3/4ths Canadian, and one 4th New Englander - I had ancestors on both sides in the Revolutionary war." - Elizabeth Bishop

Friday, August 14, 2015

An Elizabeth Bishop Festival: Memory 1

The Elizabeth Bishop Festival on 8 August 2015 started off with a community breakfast. The twist on this steadfast tradition was the addition of stand up comedy presented by Cape Breton comedians Kenzie Gunn and Colin Dumphy. These delightful young guys, quite out of their temporal element (midnight is more their milieu than 8:30 a.m.), kept us laughing and groaning for a nearly an hour. They had done their homework, too -- that is, they had looked into Elizabeth Bishop's life and it so impressed them that Kenzie and Colin each wrote and recited a poem. This impressed me a great deal! Thanks, guys, for making us laugh so early in the morning. None of us laughs as much as we should!

Neil Gunn, Kenzie Gunn, Colin Dunphy (aren't they just sweet!)
Photo by Laurie Gunn, Kenzie's aunt

Kenzie and Colin podcast a show out of Halifax and they recorded their Great Village routine for a podcast. I don't have a link at the moment for their show, but perhaps John can find it. Kenzie is busy on Twitter and he announced the EB Festival show this way:

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