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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Elizabeth Bishop Festival: Memory 5

The idea of the festival was triggered when the St. James Church Preservation Society asked the EBSNS to do an event that would help support the "In the Village" Cafe, set up by the Preservation Society to help raise funds to maintain the church building itself. The cafe opened in 2014 and had a successful summer, so the society wanted to build on that success. The EBSNS felt that the festival was in the spirit of what the society had already done, especially harkening back to 2011 and the big arts festival in that Bishop centenary year. The EBSNS hopes that the cafe, and the Preservation Society, did well that day. The cafe provided all the food for the festival: breakfast, lunch, supper. The cafe staff worked very hard preparing for the large number of hungry festival participants and attendees. The cafe is open until October, I think. If you can get there, I highly recommend it. 
Here are a couple of images of the cafe staff the day of the festival.

Thanks to Margaret and all the staff at the cafe for doing a great job and providing delicious food.

The lunch line-up.

Lots of good conversations around the antique tables happened the day of the festival.

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